Equine Therapy

Equine Facilitated Therapy

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Equine Therapy helps individuals who have mental or emotional disorders. Many activities such as horse care, maintenance, grooming procedures, and saddlery target these areas.

Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language therapy strive to assist the individual with many of the same goals as Equine Therapy. However, physical therapy focuses more on gross motor movement and ability, occupational therapy focuses on fine motor ability, and speech-language therapy on the physiological systems associated with speech and language. Equine Therapy is able to provide a combination of these three therapies without giving the individual a feeling that they are in therapy.

Therapists who engage in Equine-Assisted Therapies all easily adapt Cognitive Therapy as well as play and talk therapy. Depending on the disorder and its severity the Equine therapist is able to make decisions about the processes or techniques applied in the sessions. Main techniques used are Cognitive Therapy, practicing activities, activity scheduling, play therapy and story telling and talk therapy.

Therapy Session Prices

£45 per hour for a private one to one session

£70 per hour for two people

Other sessions include:

Carer’s support sessions

Family therapy sessions

PTSD support sessions

ADHD/Autism support sessions

Confidence and pattern changing sessions

Children and young adults support sessions


These can all be tailored to individual needs and requirements, discretionary rates are available for charities and individuals.

Participants may be eligible to have these sessions subsidised through The Natural Approach Group.